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-=CCC=- Forums :: View topic - The Hidden Mechanics of BF4
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The Hidden Mechanics of BF4

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Joined: Dec 13, 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:21 am    Post subject: The Hidden Mechanics of BF4 Reply with quote

    1. You exit a vehicle in the direction you are aiming (good to exit away from enemy fire)
    2. You can use your secondary (*exception: Shorty 12G and Mare's Leg*), knife, Repair Tool, or C4 in the water. (thanks to /u/CW_Lightning)
    3. Ticket bleed is what wins/loses games, not kills(http://www.tacticalgamer.com/threads/195479-BF4-Ticket-Bleed-%28I t-s-really-darn-important!%29); bleed is responsible for 60% of all lost tickets. (*exception: Zavod 311*)
    4. Maximum ticket bleed rate is 1 ticket/sec(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-general-discussion/65 76-ticket-bleed/) (if you all-cap).
    5. Most vehicles re-spawn after 60-90 seconds(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-quick-questions-and-answer s/8704-what-are-the-default-vehicle-respawn-times-in-bf4/) (so avoid wasting them).
    6. Players can respawn, at the earliest, 12-15 seconds (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8g9NtK6bcjMWjVITnZqVDZmc2c/view) after dying (depending on game-mode).
    7. In Conquest, a ticket is removed when a player *spawns*. Meaning, if you die and sit on the deploy screen, the ticket isn't removed. So, don't spawn unless you need to, Razz
    8. If you defend more flags, your win-ratio will increase(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-technical-discussion/87 36-more-nerdy-statistics-of-bf4-players-and-battlereports/) (*essentially*). Read the post for details.
    9. Some Conquest maps are way imbalanced(https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/3vxmu5/map_i mbalance_statistic_based_on_20k_battlereports/): Rogue Transmission RU team, Gulf of Oman 2014 RU Team, and Giants of Karelia US Team are significantly more likely to win (win 65%+ of all games).
    6. Instant heli take-off: switch from pilot to another seat and then back to pilot for no "spin-up wait".
    8. LAVs and attack boats use "pocket magazines": you begin to load your next magazine as soon as you fire (look at the reload bar after shooting). So, when you spawn, shoot once to get the reload started.
    9. Each main spawn (a.k.a. "uncap") has a stationary AA, but it *only* shoots spotted aircraft.
    10. Each main spawn has a built-in "TUG-S"(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svDLW64DpOs). On some maps, this massive auto-spot reaches into flag areas (like A on Rogue Transmission, A on Sunken Dragon, D on Pearl Market, etc.)--be careful when you back cap as you might be auto-spotted.
    11. Every unsuppressed round (bullet or rocket, etc.) you fire will spot you for ~0.675 seconds. If someone "Q" spots you, you are spotted for 7 seconds. Source and more spot stats(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-quick-questions-and-answers/ 7363-spawn-protection-spotting-time/). Some of this spotting is minimap only, while others are minimap + 3D spotting (i.e., the dorito).
    12. For vehicles, every round/ordinance you shoot, you are spotted for ~0.51 seconds and if someone "Q" spots your vehicle, you're spotted for 12 seconds. Source and more spot stats for vehicles(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-quick-questions-and-answe rs/7183-vehicles-active-and-passive-spotted-time/). So, no need to shoot 100 rounds out of the RHIB when we spawn on Paracel, Razz
    11. Empty reloads (i.e. use all your bullets) on most guns will significantly delay your magazine reload (true in real life, too).
    12. Every gun has a faction and every attachment has a faction. Same-faction-unlocks are earned via kills, non-faction unlocks via Battlepacks.
    13. The MAV has "killer darts" that can destroy C4, Claymores, Mines, Slams, Mortars, Spawn Beacons, and other MAVs. Remember, the MAV can be destroyed with Stiglas, too. (thanks to /u/wrathfulgrapes, /u/Leather_Boots, and /u/qlimaxmito)
    14. Spawn beacons inside a building will spawn you *at* the beacon; outside beacons trigger a parachute (exception: TDM which disabled parachute spawns).
    15. Rockets can cause "critical mobility hits" when hitting 1) 90-degrees (direct, not glancing) at the back of a tank, 2) 90-degrees broadside on an attack boat, or 3) 90-degrees anywhere on a LAV/MAA. This disables the vehicle's motion for 2-3 seconds *and* inflicts maximum possible damage (~40-50% percent off a tank in one rocket). (thanks to /u/marbleduck and /u/crack-the-skye)
    17. Instead of learning flag capping strategies on your favorite CQL maps, why not learn the damage model of every single vehicle(http://symthic.com/bf4-vehicle-stats)?
    18. In a server without FF, friendly C4 will "launch" your vehicles. Note: some servers explicitly ban this, but when you want to fuck around in BF (as we all sometimes want to do), find a "no rules" server and go crazy with a LAV 300 feet in the air.
    19. Flag "burn" rate can tell how many people players the enemy team has on a flag (your own personal "TUG-S", hehe, at least for how many)
    20. The cruise missile can be destroyed by the commander(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92vvZL5tSZE) by 1) placing an EMP UAV in its path or 2) triggering a proxy attack or 3) via rockets from vehicles or 4) guns from helicopters and jets. (thanks to /u/CW_Lightning)
    21. You can stop an enemy knifing your teammate by killing them almost immediately after they begin the animation. Killing them can be with your gun *or* knifing them (creating the ever-hilarious knifing train).
    23. You can be healed by enemy meds, re-supplied by enemy ammo, and heal/resupply/be repaired by enemy supply crates (from commanders). But, you can't switch kits at an enemy supply crate nor use an enemy vehicle drop. (thanks to everyone for fixing my shitty memory, /u/tanplusblue, /u/blazedozer, and others).
    24. You can revive teammates in the red "out of bounds" zone, but you need to be in-bounds. If the revived player's screen bugs out red all the time, they need to go out of bounds and then back in. (thanks to /u/tuwxyz and /u/7110)
    25. If you don't like where a medic or ammo is placed (i.e. one that is blocking your view) you can shoot it out of the way and it'll disappear. (thanks to /u/7110).
    26. Learn exactly what field upgrades will upgrade(https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/2e687h/lets_tal k_about_field_upgrades/). *Only* squad points will increase this bar (squad revives, spawns, assists, heals, repairs, resupplies, using orders, saving, avenging, etc.) Each squad wipe will remove "one bar" from your upgrade bar. (thanks to /u/tanplusblue and /u/Chippy569).
    27. If you are a good shot, you can "glitch" your tank shell to register as a back hit(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl5YpzK2Rww&feature=youtu.be&am p;t=1m50s) (265% more damage) from the front on RU/CN tanks.
    28. The smokescreen countermeasure, IR smoke, and ECM(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl5YpzK2Rww) stops all spotting for 7 seconds & cancels out all damage modifiers (angle or location). So, with it equipped, an RPG to a tank rear will only do 20 damage). (thanks /u/mullatobuttz and Tonk2Stronk)
    29. The thermal camo upgrade(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RitbBrKQgHQ) reduces vehicle spotting from 12 seconds to 4 seconds, adds invisibility to commander vehicle scans, and UAV scan hits are greatly reduced. Also, yes, mostly invisible in thermal optics. (thanks /u/mullatobuttz and Tonk2Stronk)
    30. You can use both medpacks and medbags at the same time to heal twice as fast(http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-quick-questions-and-answers/1 0009-first-aid-pack-vs-medic-bag/?s=663d8d14360c21ec7e07acbde33ad21deb2 89908) (but this seems to be bugged on 60 Hz servers). (thanks /u/mullatobuttz)
    31. If you have a SRAW, LAW, or Javelin in your loadout, you'll be able to see when an enemy vehicle is laser designated. This means you can lock on to it with a TOW missile, LGM, etc. and get a 50% dmg bonus. (thanks /u/mullatobuttz)
    32. IED devices are on Golmud Railway(http://i.imgur.com/RxrDBgG.png) and Silk Road. They instantly kill enemy vehicles/infantry. They can be set off by their detonator, a grenade, rocket, tank shell, Scout Heli miniguns, etc. They exist on all versions of the map AFAIK (TDM, Domination, Obliteration, etc.) and can be an easy means of getting some impressive multikills(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sPiJem5ebA). (thanks /u/mullatobuttz for the tip and /u/swishkin for the excellent Golmud IED map)
    33. TV missiles can be shot in flight (with the Attack Boat's burst cannon, for example) causing them to explode *and* kill the player who launched the TV missile. (thanks /u/mullatobuttz and /u/RandomBFUser)
    34. No fall damage(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrCg24PEsdI) from low parachutes: disable auto-parachute in Settings (this may cause some issues in pre-game spawning Obliteration, though). Then, when deploying your parachute, press "spacebar" + "S" (back). (thanks to /u/marcellusswallace, /u/mrackham205, and /u/ShyGlaceon)
    35. Spawn beacons always spawn you facing the direction you placed it. (thanks to /u/truefalse2015)
    36. The XD-1 Accipiter can be picked up and be placed back to refill its battery. This allows infinite use if you keep coming back before the battery runs out. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    37. DS-3 Decoys emit footstep sounds. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    38. The small ammo pack can run out of ammo. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    39. Engineers can pick up enemy explosives without having to detonate them if they have the repair torch in their loadout; they are not added to your inventory, though. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed and /u/Sipstaff)
    40. EOD bots can arm and disarm M-COMs. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    41. You can destroy shutters (like on Shanghai) with a few Deagle shots. Pickup snipers work too. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    42. Deagles, .50 cals and explosives can bust open the MRAP's doors to allow infantry to shoot the passengers. There is even a gate on top of the vehicle which you can blow off. (thanks to /u/N1cknamed)
    43. To "equip" your knife (instead of using the knife and then putting it away) hold down the knifing button. Then you can knife much faster. (thanks to /u/mrackham205)
    44. The optimal turning speed for a jet is 313. (thanks to /u/ghostmb)
    45. You can "rear spot" other jets while in Third Person view. (thanks to /u/naycherboy)
    46. The AMTRAC has a grenade launcher and a normal machine gun. Press "F" to switch between them.
    47. The EOD's bot default-on flashlight can be turned offby right-clicking (more stealthy). (thanks to /u/Sipstaff)
    48. Your deployed equipment is always accessible until it is destroyed or you *place* a new one. Otherwise, even between spawns, you can go back to a MAV, mortar, EOD bot, etc. by right-clicking. (thanks to /u/Sipstaff)
    50. Hit "backspace" to see the next map (does not work on maps with VoteMap plugins as they override the map playlist). (thanks to /u/Sallypro)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/44jiqw/the_hidden_mecha nics_of_bf4_a_list/
Credit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ikjadoon

Demo baka wa shinanakya naoranai.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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